MP suspended after he refused to stop shouting during Brexit debate

An MP has been suspended from the House of Commons after refusing to sit down and stop shouting during a Brexit debate.

Drew Hendry, of the SNP, was named and removed from the chamber as members discussed the Internal Market Bill.

As business minister Paul Scully concluded Henry got to his feet and said: ‘Madam Deputy Speaker, this is an outrage.’

Having been told to get back in his seat by Dame Rosie Winterton, Hendry refused before proceeding to pick up the parliamentary mace and proceeding towards the door of the Chamber.

MPs across the Chamber could be heard describing Hendry’s actions as ‘outrageous’ and referring to it as ‘another boring stunt’

Dame Rosie remarked that it was ‘very childish’, before naming Hendry and suspending him from the service of the House.

During his speech, the MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, said the ‘only reason’ for the legislation is to ‘demolish devolution’ in Scotland.

He added: ‘If the Government take this Bill forward today as they obviously will, that is what they will be doing.

‘People in Scotland when they see the effects of this Bill will be angry about the fact that their rights are being taken away by these Tory ministers aided by their Labour bedfellows.

‘They will be furious about the fact that their rights are being stripped from them and they’re listening and they’re watching and they’re seeing developments in this place and they’re understanding now that the only way to protect their Parliament, to protect their rights, to protect their democracy in Scotland is to go forward as an independent nation and they’ll be voting for that I’m sure in due course.’

More to follow.

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