Mr Broccoli revealed as gas-guzzling Mercedes van driver

A climate change activist dubbed Mr Broccoli after being arrested while dressed as the vegetable has been outed as the driver of a diesel-run Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van.

Roland Everson, 46, a carpenter who owns a glamping business in Bristol, was wearing green face paint, a suit and a floret-style hat when he was detained in central London last weekend.

He was spotted on Oxford Street protesting with Animal Rebellion – which is an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion.

He also appeared on Good Morning Britain last week where he clashed with Piers Morgan over the way in which he was highlighting his cause.

After ‘outing’ his own true identity in a video statement, one of Mr Everson’s neighbours claimed he sets up glamping villages at around 50 festivals across the UK each year in his diesel vehicle.

The neighbour, in the rural village of Badminton, near Bristol, told The Sun: ‘Sounds like he has the brains of a vegetable.’

In his video statement – released after XR clashes on the Tube last week – Mr Everson said: ‘I have dressed as a broccoli to show the absurdity of how the Government and the media are addressing these issues.

‘It is ridiculous that we should have to go to these lengths to protect our futures.’

CO2 Emmissions

Mercedez Benz Sprinter: 185-249g/km

Boeing 737-400: 115g/km per passenger

He has also called on the Government to initiate a ‘Citizen’s Assembly’ to make changes concerning the environment.

Animal Rebellion said Mr Broccoli was attempting to ‘show the ridiculousness of the system’.

He has been campaigning about animal welfare at farms supplying pork and beef, and protesting outside McDonald’s restaurants and Morrisons stores, accusing them of ‘murder’.

‘Mr Broccoli’ was slammed by Piers on GMB when he refused to explain why a plant-based diet would save the planet and instead said: ‘I’m just a humble broccoli. I just grow.’

Piers accused him of not taking climate change seriously and told him: ‘Had you made a coherent, powerful, science-based argument, you could have made a real impact.’

More than 1,700 people have now been arrested in connection with recent climate change demonstrations.

On Monday, the Metropolitan Police announced a ban on Extinction Rebellion protests in London.

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