Mum complained she 'felt out of place' being 'only white family' at soft play

A mum has been branded ‘ridiculous’ after complaining of being ‘the only white family’ at a soft play centre.

She said she felt ‘out of place’ at the popular Fun Valley soft play centre in Bolton.

Bosses at the centre were shocked to read the review left by the mum, whose comments have been branded as being ‘from the stone ages’.

The mum had written: ‘Great play centre set up but felt out of place we were the only white family in there.

‘The children wouldn’t play together. And one girl pushed my daughter down the slide. Also expensive for a play centre, it was £14 for 2 kids for the last hour.’

The centre’s bosses decided to share the review to their own Facebook page where they said: ‘We at Fun Valley Bolton welcome everybody from all backgrounds but to say this is just ….. well we will let you guys comment to this review posted.’

Immediately, hundreds of people started commenting about the shocking review.

Many of the commenters said the real issued clearly lied with the mum in question.

Emma Reynolds said the mum needs to ‘needs to get a grip’ and was ‘living in the stone ages’, while Helen Mitchell said the reviewer ‘should be ashamed of themselves for making such a ridiculous bigoted comment’.

‘I can guarantee my four-year-old wouldn’t have even noticed,’ said Cara Jackson, while Nicola Daley said: ‘Children don’t see colour. This is what’s wrong with the world. The cleanest nicest play centre around.’

Chloe Mclean said: ‘If their kids didn’t play with the other children there it just shows what a bad example the parents have shown to their kids making them not want to play.. it’s a great play area and my kids love meeting all other children there and it’s actually helped them understand that even though people may seem different to you they all enjoy having fun and playing together!’

Annabel Akarca added: ‘This review shows the lack of their parenting skills!! Every time I’ve ever been here there has been a mix of different raced families myself being one of them!! I’m actually shocked that someone could stoop that low in a review, shameful.’

Bosses at the Blackburn Road centre said they did not wish to comment any further on the issue when contacted by the Manchester Evening News.

They have since removed their Facebook post.

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