Mum forced to flee home after local gang threatens to rape her and her young children

Gang chase man along street with machetes

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The woman was forced to take shelter with her kids, aged five, two and one, in a nearby hotel. This came after her partner was allegedly verbally abused by the gang on the Boothferry estate in Hull on Sunday night after he attempted to retrieve a bin that was stolen by the gang.

They then threatened to rape the woman and her children.

Speaking to HullLive, the woman said that the gang, made up mostly of teenagers, have been turning the estate into a “nightmare” for “months” – but their harassment has apparently intensified in recent weeks.

She said: “It’s been a nightmare for months, but the worst was Sunday night.

“My partner chased them and got our bins back, but then groups just swarmed.

“They were hurling abuse saying they’re going to rape me and my kids, then they were throwing things while I was in the house.

“They’ve been setting bus shelters on fire and aiming fireworks at young school children who are between five and 10-years-old.

“My eldest is terrified, she has a disability and doesn’t want to be in the house.”

According to the woman, one member of the gang shouted: “The police are scared of us, they won’t do anything.”

She added: “When you try to say something, it just makes it worse and they keep coming back, no one’s willing to do anything.

“When I turned back up at the house this morning because I had to take my eldest to school, metal canisters of nitrous oxide that they’d launched were still in the garden.

“They’re still there now.”

The gang are thought to have been responsible for multiple arson incidents in the area.

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Humberside Fire and Rescue crews were forced to withdraw from Gower Road Park on Sunday, November 7, after missiles were launched at crew members while they tackled a blaze.

Meanwhile, Humberside Police have also said they are looking into multiple cases of arson and anti-social behaviour in the area of Boothferry Playing Fields after a bus stop was set alight on Halloween.

A spokesperson for the force said: “We are investigating a number of incidents of arson and anti-social behaviour in and around Boothferry Playing Fields of Gower Road in Hull.

“We received reports from the fire service and local residents about a group of young people causing damage and fires in the playing fields and a bus shelter was set alight.

“This type of antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated and action will be taken against those found to be responsible.

“There are increased patrols in these areas to try and catch and identify those responsible and to provide reassurance to our communities.”

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