Mum of ‘murdered’ Sara Sharif says claim she fell down stairs is ‘lies’

The mum of murdered Sara Sharif has denounced “lies” surrounding her daughter’s death.

Olga Sharif, 36, has rejected claims allegedly put forward by the 10-year-old’s uncle, Imran Malik, that her daughter fell down the stairs and died after breaking her neck.

Ms Sharif claimed never to have met the brother, who is now furthering “baseless” claims from Pakistan.

She has called for answers from Urfan Sharif, Mr Malik’s brother and Sara’s father.

In an impassioned plea, the mum said she only wants answers from her former partner and said she is fearful her son could come to harm.

Speaking to The Sun, Ms Sharif suggested that Mr Malik may have claimed her daughter died by falling down the stairs to “protect his brother and try to stop questions being asked”.

She added she didn’t “think he is being honest”, adding: “If there was an accident, you don’t leave the country in secret.”

Mr Malik has neither been accused nor charged in connection with Sara’s death and reportedly furthered his claims during an interview with police in Jhelumm, Pakistan.

Ms Sharif said she only wants answers from her ex-partner and called for his questioning in relation to Sara’s death.

She said: “The only person I want answers from is Urfan. He has to be questioned about what’s happened to my daughter.

“I need to know why she was left in that house whilst everyone else flew out of the country after she was already dead.

“I will never have closure until I know what has happened and why it happened to my girl.”

Surrey Police found the youngster’s body at her family home in Woking around 2.50am on August 10, and investigators have since named Mr Sharif, his partner, Beinash Batool, and Mr Malik as suspects in the investigation.

Detective Superintendent Mark Chapman said investigators believe that Mr Sharif travelled to Islamabad on August 9 – the day before Sara’s body was discovered – with five children, one of whom is Sara’s 13-year-old brother.

Police investigators are coordinating with the Crown Prosecution Service, Interpol, the National Crime Agency and the Foreign Office as they search for the two men and woman.

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