Mum told daughter to get plastic surgery because 'ugly people get nowhere'

A former model has admitted that she told her daughter to get a bum lift and breast surgery because ‘ugly people get nowhere’.

Ex glamour model Carla Bellucci, 37, has been branded ‘shameless’ for encouraging Tanisha, 14, to get plastic surgery.

The mother has previously hit the headlines after admitting that she lied that she had depression in order to get a nose job on the NHS.

Last month she said she was signed off work with stress because she had been trolled on social media.

But in an interview with Closer magazine, Carla, from Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, said her daughter would have to rely on her looks to become a ‘reality star’ because she was not naturally intelligent.

She said: ‘Tanisha isn’t the most academic of girls, so I don’t really care about her education, unlike with my boys.

‘She will need to rely on her looks to get on in life so she will need to be perfect. Ugly people get nowhere these days.’

Carla told the magazine she spends about £200 a month on improving her daughter’s appearance.

So far she has invested in in hair extensions, nail treatments and eyebrow tinting.

However, she is saving money to pay for her daughter to eventually go under the knife, and would support her in getting a risky Brazilian bum lift.

The operation claims the lives of one in 3,000 patients.

But Carla told Closer that her daughter’s bum ‘needs improving’, describing it as ‘very flat’.

She said: ‘At the moment she loves the Kardashian look with the big bum and boobs and pouty lips. She’s going to get fillers when she is 16, which I fully support.

“If she wants to be a successful influencer and reality star then she will have to fit the look of the time – so surgery is the obvious option. She’s good looking, but surgery will make her prettier.’

Carla said Tanisha is going to have fillers and botox when she turns 16 and then breast implants at 18. She also wants her teenage daughter to get teeth veneers.

Although she is saving money, she admitted she would try to get the NHS to pay for her girl’s surgery.

In June, she confessed to lying about having depression and flirting with her GP to get a nose job for free on the NHS.

The 37-year-old said that she ‘didn’t care what people say’ about her ‘milking the system’ as ‘that’s what it’s there for’.

After her confession went public a petition was set up calling for her to be prosecuted. So far it has received 143 signatures.

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