Musk accuses disabled ex-Twitter employee of doing 'no actual work'

In what could be the strangest exit interview, Twitter CEO, Elon Musk got into a public argument with an employee who claimed to not know if he had been fired.

On Monday, Halli Thorleifsson, appealed to Musk on the platform to ask whether he had been sacked.

‘Your head of HR is not able to confirm if I am employed or not,’ tweeted Halli Thorleifsson.

Musk responded to the tweet asking, ‘What work have you been doing?’

The billionaire even agreed for Thorleifsson to break confidentiality and answer what his job entailed at Twitter.

When Thorleifsson went on to explain his job role, Musk deflected every claim, asking for ‘pics or it didn’t happen’.

The Tesla owner also said that the company hadn’t hired design roles in 4 months, implying that the worker was lying.

Finally, in the midst of this back and forth, Thorleifsson said that Twitter’s head of HR has emailed to say that he was no longer employed.

Thorleifsson, 45 told the BBC that he was a senior director in product design for Twitter.

The exchange was widely shared on Twitter and Musk went on to criticise Thorleifsson.

‘The reality is that this guy (who is independently wealthy) did no actual work, claimed as his excuse that he had a disability that prevented him from typing, yet was simultaneously tweeting up a storm,’ said Musk in a tweet.

‘Can’t say I have a lot of respect for that.’

As of last month, Musk said that Twitter had a headcount of about 2,300 active employees. That’s a shadow of the nearly 7,500 employees Musk started off with when he acquired the company.

The latest job cuts follow a mass layoff in November when Twitter laid off about 3,700 employees in a cost-cutting measure by Musk, who had acquired the company for $44 billion.

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