‘My blood is boiling!’ Furious caller claims ‘freedoms eroded’ over UK sugar and salt tax

Salt and sugar tax proposals slammed by LBC radio caller

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The caller branded the proposal “absolutely ridiculous” and claimed the move is another example of how “freedoms are slowly being eroded” in Britain. He questioned “where do you draw the line” and went on to call out the Government for “getting involved in everything”. The comments come as the review recommended sugar and salt should be taxed and vegetables prescribed by the NHS. The report added how taxes raised could extend free school meal provision and support better diets among poorer people to tackle rising obesity rates. But Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rubbished the report saying he does not want struggling Britons to pay more than they need to for food.

The furious caller said: “My blood is absolutely boiling!

“The Government should not be telling people what they can and can’t eat, let alone taxing and charging people more for it.

“It’s got absolutely ridiculous now.

“Where do you draw the line? Where do you draw the line though!”

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But host Andrew Pierce hit back saying: “We have got a problem with the obesity crisis.

“If we tax cigarettes big time to try to discourage people from smoking because of lung cancer….

“Shouldn’t they tax really bad food that makes people obese?”

The caller insisted: “Everywhere I look people are still smoking. They can double, triple the price people are still going to do it!”

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The caller went on to brand the possible sugar and salt taxes as an assault on Brits’ freedoms.

He slammed: “This is the thing, peoples’ personal choices and freedoms are slowly being eroded in this country.

The independent food report, commissioned in 2019 by the government has been led by businessman Henry Dimbleby and urges the government to get tough on junk food and unhealthy diets.

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The review says historic reforms of the food system are needed to protect the NHS, protect the environment, reduce obesity and improve the health of Brits after the health of the nation was brutally exposed by the ravaging impact COVID-19 has on overweight people.

The new taxes would be whacked on wholesale sugar and salt purchased by manufacturers which are likely to lead to higher prices in the shops.

But Mr Dimbleby said: “We do not actually believe that for most things it will hike the price – what it will do is it will reformulate, it will make people take sugar and salt out.”

While Boris Johnson has said he does not want more taxes to be landed on poorer people, he added he would study the report and promised the government would respond with proposals for future laws within six months.

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