‘My fuel bill has gone from £78 to £218 a month.’ Disabled woman’s struggle to live

Disabled caller says fuel bill has gone from £78 to £218

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A disabled woman from Bristol has spoken to Jeremy Kyle about the increased costs of fuel bills and petrol in the UK amid the cost of living crisis.

She went on to describe how she was used to paying £78 on fuel bills, but is now paying £218.

Kate explained how it was impossible for her to save money from the benefits she was receiving from the Government.

She then said there was no help for her anywhere.

Caller Kate told Talk TV: “But I mean I’m on standard PIP (Personal Independence Payment), I’m disabled I can’t do a lot.

“And my car is about to die, obviously trying to save on benefits is impossible.

“And my fuel bill has gone from £78 to £218 a month.

“So, I’m kind of in between a rock and a hard place at the moment, there’s no help for me anywhere.”

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Due to the rising cost of petrol and Western nations weaning off Russian gas, many more UK citizens will suffer this year. People who are not living in rural areas around the country have been encouraged to take public transport.

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign has been calling on the Prime Minister to make fuel poverty a main priority.

Mr Cox said: “Don’t let panic buying take over again with those long unnecessary queues we saw last year when you failed to act.

“Our economy and millions of daily lives depend on their vehicles. There is no need to wait until it gets too late to act. So please secure the fuel supply chain now!”

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Luke Bosdet, spokesperson for motoring group AA explained the increase in pricing.

“With Easter due shortly, it won’t have gone unnoticed among drivers that petrol across the UK started this week averaging 162.44p a litre and diesel 176.73p.

“Last Easter (April 4, 2021) petrol was 125.30p and diesel 129.11p. That is a huge difference.”

Adam Scorer, CEO of the charity National Energy Action has warned Britons that 6m of them will likely face fuel poverty this year.

Mr Scorer told Channel 4: “I think this is the single biggest price shock we’ve had in energy, and we haven’t done anywhere near enough to prevent it from having real harm.

“We’ve seen it coming for a long time. Since the end of the summer, we’ve seen the way that wholesale prices were going.

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