‘My grandma hate my twins’ names and described one as idiotic’

Choosing what to name a child can be a difficult challenge for many new parents – and whatever decision they come to they can hope at least that the rest of their family will support them, or at least keep their opinions to themselves. 

Unfortunately, as one 17-year-old mum found when she told her grandmother the names of her newborn twins, this is not always the case.

The new mum decided to name her daughters  Juno Tamsin and Freya Joy – and her grandma had quite strong opinions on the matter.

Posting on Reddit, the young mum wrote:  “According to my narcissistic a***hole of a grandma, Freya’s name is ‘so much prettier’ and Juno will be ‘so jealous.’ 

“She also said that, and this is a word for word quote, ‘Silly names like that are all you can expect when babies have babies.’

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“Now correct me if I’m wrong, but while their names might not be really, really common I don’t think they’re ridiculous at all, it’s not like they’re called Juenough and Freiyah or Seaweed and Fishfood. 

“They’re just normal, strong, pretty, uncommon names. Just a vent/rant. Why and how do people think it’s acceptable to say this stuff?”

Other users on the site rallied behind the mum.  One wrote:  “They are beautiful names and really well matched I think. They’re both goddesses, both two syllables, both on trend. I think you nailed it.

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“More to the point, this has NOTHING to do with your grandma and her opinion is irrelevant! She named her babies already, this is your turn so she can take her negativity elsewhere.”

Another wrote:  “I’m nearly 30 and named my daughter Harper (a super neutral and fairly popular name). My grandma called it ‘a strange name’ multiple times.

“You’ll never please everyone. As long as you’re happy with the name, that’s all that matters.”

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