‘My partner says it’s easier for me to get tubes tied than for him to get snip’

A man reportedly told his partner it would be “easier” for her to have her tubes tied than for him to get a vasectomy.

The woman shared her story on Reddit, telling fellow users of the online forum she felt angry and accusing her other half of talking “total b*******”.

She explained how she has a six-year-old son from a previous relationship and doesn’t want another child.

The Reddit user continued: “We are both on the same page on this. My partner has spoken to a doctor (prior to our relationship) about getting a vasectomy, but the doctor told him he was too young.

“I have tried several methods of birth control and I’ve had a lot of issues with long term bleeding, spotting, etc.”

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She went on to explain it has been a few years since her partner spoke to a doctor about getting a vasectomy.

The post added: “I asked him if he would try seeing a doctor again. He said it would be easier for me to get my tubes tied than it would be for him to get a vasectomy.

“This is total b******* considering how many health issues I have (which he is aware of). I’ve tried to explain this to him but he doesn’t seem to understand or care.

“I’m angry.”

The woman’s post garnered more than 1,000 comments from fellow Reddit users with one outlining what they described as “the best option”.

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Reddit user howedthathappen commented: “It sounds like the best option here is for you to exercise your right to birth control by not having sex with your fiancé.”

To which imwearingredsocks replied: “Bingo. If he won’t even listen in a calm conversation and seems to be thinking of only himself, then it doesn’t sound like a partner that you should be intimate with right now.”

LuvValKilmer1231 chimed in: “Ban access to yourself girl as a man like this doesn’t deserve to have sex.”

Bunker58 wrote: “He’s lying. My vasectomy was no worse than a trip to the dentist for a cavity/crown. Some local anesthetic and some soreness for a day. Good excuse to lay around for a weekend.”

tsukahara10 said: “Not gonna lie, I’m incredibly happy I got a vasectomy… To the men here: just get it done. You’ll be happier for it. It’s not painful. It’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t make you less masculine. Whatever myths keep getting spread to try and convince men they shouldn’t get vasectomies, they’re not true.”

And Reddit user stickbeat simply added: “I would leave my partner over this. The disrespect and the f****** audacity oh my god.”

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A vasectomy is a surgical procedure to cut or seal the tubes carrying a man’s sperm to prevent pregnancy permanently.

It’s usually carried out under local anaesthetic, where you’re awake but don’t feel any pain, and takes about 15 minutes, according to the NHS.

In rare cases, a general anaesthetic is administered, where the patient is asleep during the operation. It does not affect a man’s sex life or ability to enjoy sex. For a woman, the fallopian tubes are blocked or sealed to prevent eggs reaching the sperm and becoming fertilised.

A surgeon will block a woman’s fallopian tubes by clamping them or tying, cutting and removing a piece of them. If blocking them doesn’t work, then there is an option to remove them completely. The NHS says for a woman there is a “small” risk of complications.

For more information visit the NHS website or talk to your GP, who may recommend counselling before you make a decision.

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