Naval captain removed from post over ‘inappropriate texts’

Royal Navy chief calls state of the UK army 'extremely worrying'

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A celebrated naval captain was removed from their post over “amorous and inappropriate texts”. These were reportedly directed at a female sailor under his command.

Commander Tom Knott MBE is said to have send “suggestive messages” to a junior member of his ship’s company.

He was removed as captain of HMS Trent over the weekend.

This carried out NATO duties in the Mediterranean as part of a counter-terrorism mission.

The 39-year-old former official has been accused of sending the “inappropriate” texts following a night out at a foreign port.

He is understood to have been present with his ship’s company.

A Royal Navy source told MailPlus: “Command and alcohol doesn’t mix.

“One too many in this case resulted in totally unacceptable behaviour.

“It made his position completely untenable and was in contravention with the code of social conduct.”

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They added: “Of course, one case is one too many but we would like to think we are turning a corner.”

The paper reported that Commander Knott is now the subject of a wider investigation into his future employment.

This comes after the First Sea Lord ordered a probe into “abhorrent” allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

Admiral Sir Ben Key acted following allegations regarding the Navy’s submarine service.

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Responding to these, he said: “I am deeply disturbed to hear of allegations of inappropriate behaviour in the submarine service and I want to reassure our people, and anyone who is reading this, that any activity which falls short of the highest of standards the Royal Navy sets itself is totally unacceptable and not a true reflection of what service life should be.

“These allegations are abhorrent. Sexual assault and harassment has no place in the Royal Navy and will not be tolerated.

“I have directed my senior team to investigate these allegations thoroughly. Anyone who is found culpable will be held accountable for their actions regardless of their rank or status.”

A search for Commander Knott’s Twitter profile now ends with the words: “This account doesn’t exist.”

Defence analyst Stuart Crawford bemoaned what he described as “another scandal”.

He wrote in a post on Twitter: “Oh dear. Another day, another scandal.

“Just what has gone wrong with the Royal Navy.”

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