Nearly a quarter of police are stuck behind a desk, survey reports

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A huge percentage of police officers are stuck behind desks rather than out on the street, a survey has found. Fully trained officers are occupying jobs such as front desk work, HR, and IT despite a shortage of police on the front lines. The survey found 22.2 percent are in back office roles.

According to The Sun, the data was shared hours before Labour’s home secretary Yvette Cooper announced the party’s approach to police. During her talk in front of the Institute for Government think tank, Ms Cooper reused Tony Blair’s old “tough on crime” slogan.

Her suggested policies included additional police patrols, more neighbourhood teams and an officer in every community. 

The Conservatives and Labour have clashed in recent months over the issue of policing, with Tories noting on a new poster that crime is higher in Labour-held areas.

While speaking at the Institute for Government think tank today, Ms Cooper claimed Labour are now the “party of law and order” and said “everything feels broken” under the Conservatives adding there had been a “complete collapse” in Home Office leadership.

“In the last 12 months alone, we’ve had four home secretaries two of whom were the same person, three justice secretaries two of whom were the same person, three attorney generals and four policing ministers,” said Ms Cooper.

Labour promised to recruit an additional 13,000 community police officers and PCSOs to tackle knife crime and drug dealing. She also said the officers would be paid for as part of a £360million shared procurement plan.

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She added that her party would introduce new mandatory requirements on vetting, standards, training, and misconduct across the police.

But the Government has criticised Labour’s announcement as “over four days old” and accused them of being “soft on crime”.

“Labour’s announcement today is over four months old and further evidence of their soft on crime approach – their proposed investment is a tenth of what we are delivering,” said Home Office minister Chris Philp.

“Meanwhile, this Conservative Government is recruiting the most police officers we have ever had, with 20,000 fully funded extra police officers being recruited by April this year, equipped with full powers of arrest.”

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