‘Need a working bus network’ Yorkshire’s Brabin rages ‘One worker had to travel in a boot’

Tracy Brabin elected as Mayor of West Yorkshire

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Tracy Brabin welcomed pledges for further support from London to help share opportunity, health, and wealth across the whole country but demanded the Government go a step further. She insisted clarity is needed about the strategy Westminster is seeking to adopt as she warned the bus network in the north of England is on the verge of collapse because of the lack of information. Speaking to Sky News, the West Yorkshire mayor said: “It has to be about transport and connectivity.

“And now we have a crisis in our bus network.

“That lack of clarity from Government about how much money, and whether they are going to give any money, to the bus companies after March meant that bus companies are cutting routes in exactly the places that need leveling up, like the Five Towns in Wakefield.

“Every single department has to work together. We need everybody to pull together.”

She continued: “If you live in a community that doesn’t have a railway station, you absolutely need the bus network.

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“We’ve allocated £1 million to investigate public control because we know a bus network that works for profit, this is where you end up – when the Government and the bottom line doesn’t work, and Government don’t support you, then sadly you’re starting to make cuts to that service.

“So we’re getting people approaching us telling us that if that bus network, if that route ends, they’re going to have to walk to work.

“We heard a couple of months ago of a group of workers whose only way to get to work, economically, because there was no bus route, was for all of them to go in one car and one of their colleagues to travel in the boot.

“This is not good enough. This is not the West Yorkshire I want to see, we need a proper bus network.”

She added: “And if you’re not going to fund us on the trains, please, when we have our bus service improvement plan, I’ve been saying to Government we need the money.”

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