New lessons on female anatomy in schools to combat misinformation

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Teachers will be able to show pupils from age 11 upwards photographs to reveal what normal women’s genitals are like.

They will also tell pupils how to identify different parts and to recognise common health problems.

The PSHE Association – which provides lesson plans for 50,000 teachers to use within personal, social, health and economic classes – has a series of tutorials for state and private schools.

This follows fears about the harm caused by internet porn.

A 2020 UK study found more than half of 11 to 13 year olds and two-thirds of 14 to 15 year olds had viewed porn with 61 percent doing so by accident.

Yet a 2019 YouGov poll found 45 percent of adult women in the UK could not correctly label a vagina on a diagram.

Liz Laming, from the PSHE Association, said: “So many people lack adequate knowledge about their anatomy and intimate health. That has driven a culture of shame, leaving many afraid to mention issues to health professionals.”

A successful pilot of the lessons was carried out in 10 state and independent schools.

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