New Zealand man catches phone midair while on roller coaster in Spain

TARRAGONA (PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – A man was able to catch a phone as it was falling, while he was riding a roller coaster which was going over 130 kmh, at the PortAventura World theme park in Tarragona, Spain.

Mr Samuel Kempf, from New Zealand’s Timaru city, stopped the device’s fall when it flew by his arm’s reach, as seen in his video on YouTube last Wednesday (Sept 4).

Mr Kempf told Stuff news site last Thursday (Sept 5), that a fellow passenger, who was two rows ahead of him, dropped his phone from off his cart as the ride started to ascend.

“He was trying to reach down and grab it but because he was locked in he couldn’t reach it,” Mr Kempf said in the report.

He then jokingly told his brother and other fellow riders to “get ready to catch” the phone.

The phone then fell out of its owner’s cart after the ride’s first drop. As Mr Kempf saw the phone falling, he reached out and was able to catch the phone in midair.

Mr Kempf held on to the device for the rest of the ride, as per report. He returned it to its owner after they got off from the ride.

“He couldn’t believe it,” Mr Kempf was quoted as saying. “He gave me a big hug.”

The whole moment was recorded on a camera attached to the roller coaster’s carts to catch the passengers’ reactions. Mr Kempf said that people who were watching the recording of their ride “started cheering and clapping” when he caught the device.

As a gesture of gratitude, the owner of the phone bought the video of the ride for Mr Kempf.

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