NHS nurse complains ‘might lose job’ after refusing mandatory vaccine due to health issues

TalkRADIO: NHS worker shares his reaction to new COVID jab rules

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Speaking to Jeremy Kyle on talkRADIO, nurse Mark explained that he is unable to have the vaccine due to health reasons,but this may cost him his career and livelihood. It comes as Health Secretary Sajid Javid has ruled vaccines will be made compulsory for more than 1-million NHS staff from next year, as figures show around 120,000 workers in the health service are not doubled-jabbed.

Mark told Jeremy Kyle how “unfortunately I might lose my job” because of his medical condition which counts him out of getting a jab.

He explained: “I am covered under the Equalities Act because I reacted when I started my nurse training to a Hepatitis B vaccine.”

The nurse said the reaction was so bad that “it has left me with an ongoing disabilities”.

He went on to say how he reacts to ”different medications” and has been told to be “really careful with vaccines”.

JUST IN Covid vaccines to be compulsory for millions of full-time NHS workers in England

As a result he does not receive vaccines and thus has not been inoculated against coronavirus.

Mark explained that he simply cannot have them as “they put me into hospital” because the reactions are so bad.

He added how the condition has left him fearing that himself, amongst others, could be set to lose their jobs because of a “medical reason” which means they cannot be jabbed.

The nurse’s comments follow news that a consultation by the Department for Health and ministers is understood to have concluded on compulsory vaccines for health workers and a formal announcement is expected later this week.

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The latest NHS figures show that 90 percent of staff have received both vaccine doses.

But, data suggests around 120,000 NHS workers are not doubled-jabbed.

While in some hospitals in Birmingham and London the vaccine uptake is as low as 80 percent, a figure which has concerned health policy makers.

It comes as a draft document seen by The i newspaper on the issue of compulsory jabs stated: “While this was accepted by some in the past as the way of things, a normal feature of excess winter mortality…


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“The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in both hospitals and care homes brings in to very sharp focus whether in future that absence of protection for patients…

“And those who are served by health and social care should continue to be accepted as the norm, for both flu and for COVID-19.”

As of Monday November 1, 45.7 million Britons have been fully vaccinated against the virus – 68 percent of the population.

Tuesday November 2 saw an additional 255 deaths within 28-days of a positive test. While there were a further 28,230 cases of coronavirus reported.

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