Nick Ferrari bans caller from his show after branding care home Covid jab mandate ‘racist’

Nick Ferrari bans caller from show after comment about carers

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LBC host Nick Ferrari erupted at caller Gary from Walthamstow and banned him from listening to his show after he suggested requiring care home workers in England to be vaccinated is “a racist policy”. Ca re home staff have until the middle of November to take up the offer to receive their second vaccination dose or risk losing their job. England’s deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam said he fears coronavirus infection is spreading into older age groups.

Calling on LBC show, the caller Gary said: “Nick, the care home system is a racket. 

“To keep elderly people alive, some who can’t remember something said to them five minutes earlier.”

Nick Ferrari said: “And what about the lovely times when people don’t see their grandparents who looked after great homes by super staff?” 

Gary said in response: “Well, there are obviously exceptions to the rule..”

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Mr Ferrari interjected: “No, I think it’s the other way around. What are you basing it on?”

The caller answered: “My experience. My experience is going into care homes and seeing people who don’t know what time of day it is.”

The seething LBC presenter said:  “You’re writing off an entire sector Gary by that one instance.” 

Gary hit back: “I’m talking about dozens of instances. And I just said it’s a racket for what?”

The host said: “I’m sorry, we’re coming close to the point. You cannot write off an entire industry that employs 10s of 1000s of people, many of whom are hard-working.

“You’re writing it off as a racket and there are 10s of 1000s of people getting up this morning going and putting in the shift in very difficult circumstances.” 

Gary said: “I think it’s a racist policy to force people to have a sharp implement stuck into them. 

“You go into work in London, the vast majority of care home workers are non-Caucasian.”

Mr Ferrari said: “What on earth are you talking about?

“I think that’s it. I think you’re there.

“Do me a favour. Listen to any other radio station you like at this time of the day, all my colleagues if you want.

“You’re banned. Okay? I’ve just banned you from listening to the show.”

He continued: “So if I ever catch you listen to the show again or someone ever tells me that Gary from Walthamstow has been listening to the show, I will have to take action against you.

“Suggesting that it’s a racist industry is just absurd.”
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