Nick Ferrari lashes out as ‘irresponsible’ Britons refuse to show up to receive vaccine

Vaccines: Nick Ferrari slams those not attending appointments

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LBC host Nick Ferrari lashed out at Britons who are failing to attend their coronavirus vaccination appointments. While speaking with a vaccinator from Sunderland, Janet, he was told that out of 1,100 appointments, around 200 people fail to turn up. He dubbed the situation outrageous and insisted that these people were being irresponsible.

The caller Janet said: “A problem we are seeing is that we have booked 1,100 appointments every day and about 200 people are not showing up for their appointment.”

Mr Ferrari burst out: “God almighty, that is outrageous.”

The vaccinator continued: “We are rolling out the Moderna vaccine in the middle of the vaccine.

“So there will be another supply.

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“We have got 1,100 appointments booked but you can bet your bottom dollar that all those people won’t show up.”

Mr Ferrari then questioned whether there would be any supply issues in future.

He asked if those not showing up for their appointments could ultimately risk having batches of vaccines wasted.

He said: “You are confident that you will have around 1,100 vaccines in stock each day?

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“How long are they good for, once they arrive and you put them in the fridge, what is the shelf life?”

The caller Janet said the stock that they currently have is set to last until the 21st of June.

She said: “The ones we have got in at the moment were delivered last week.

“The 21st of June our stock is at at the moment.”

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“Also, the cancellations are happening because the GPs are ringing the people saying do you want to come here for your jab, you can come tomorrow if you want to come.”

This news comes as Boris Johnson and his Cabinet have insisted that the nation remains on target to meet the demands of their plans out of lockdown. 

However, fears have been sparked following large groups of individuals meeting outside, as is now allowed for groups of six, due to the warm weather. 

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