Nicola Bulley ‘abandoned house’ theory trashed by friend

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Nicola Bulley’s friend is trying to dissuade rumours that a so-called “abandoned house” may hold the key to her disappearance, despite widespread speculation about the missing mum – starting with the fact that the house is not abandoned at all. Mum-of-two Nicola vanished while walking her dog by the river in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, two weeks ago on January 27.

In a frustrated message on social media, friend of Nicola, Heather Gibbons, shared four key facts about the building. 

She wrote: “I want absolutely nothing more than to get her back home to her family. I can’t actually express in words how desperately I want to know she is safe and to get her home to her girls and Paul.

“Since day one when speaking with the press/media I have shared how incredibly thankful we are as friends and family for people who have turned out to help us in our search for Nikki, it’s meant the absolute world and it continues to do so. But this abandoned house, here are some facts that need to be known.”

Firstly, Heather pointed out that the house was “owned by a lovely family” who “would do anything they can to help in the search for Nikki”.

Ms Gibbons empahsised that they have “never refused entry to the police or told them they need a warrant to search”.

She added contrary to the musings of many online armchair sleuths, the house has already been searched “top to bottom” by police, a fact which Heather said she has clarified with both the family and the police. 

Finally, she said: “It’s not ‘strange’ that they were around when the police/rescue teams turned up, the police had knocked on their door and asked them to be around.”

Heather finished with a warning to those showing up at the crime scene to perform their own amateur investigations: “Tonight multiple police units are out in St Michaels dealing with people trespassing, not only on this families land but also others. We are at the point where people coming to ‘help’ look for Nikki in this way is actually doing the complete opposite.

“You’re taking police time and resources away from the investigation. You’re letting speculation take away from the actual facts. We are at the point where this type of ‘help’ is making people who live in St Michaels feel unsafe. Please don’t let this continue to happen.”

Speaking to, a missing persons expert revealed that public involvement in the case in the form of speculation and appearing at the scene is not just harmful to the investigation and to Ms Bulley’s family and friends – but, if she had been abducted, would provide cover for her attacker to intentionally mislead the investigation and destroy evidence. 

Charlie Hedges MBE, one of the UK’s foremost experts on missing persons and who formerly worked for the National Crime Agency, said: “We know that if it was a crime situation, the offender often revisits the scene and inserts themself into the witnesses or looking for evidence and that provides the cover to do that. The offender will go back, sometimes to have a look and see what’s going on and sometimes deliberately try and interfere with the investigation.”

He added: “It’s a way to contaminate evidence, destroy evidence,” saying that if it was a criminal case, the person responsible could “absolutely” be intentionally feeding misinformation to those speculating in order to create distractions.

A group, who are believed to have travelled to Lancashire from the Liverpool area, tried to search a building by the river on Wednesday night for the missing mum-of-two, before being issued a dispersal order by police.

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