Nicola Bulley’s friends launching new campaign for information

Nicola Bulley's friend says they 'need some answers'

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Nicola Bulley’s friends are launching a fresh campaign for information about where she is, two weeks to the day since she went missing while walking her dog. They will be holding up photos of the mother-of-two, they have a moving 8ft LED board that says “Bring Nicki home” and they are appealing for anyone to give dashcam footage to the police.

Her friend Emma White says it is not just Nicola’s friends that will be taking part in the campaign, but everyone in the village of St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, where Nicola lives with her husband and children.

Speaking on BBC Radio’s 4’s Today programme, Ms White said: “We just Nicki home for the two little girls that want their mummy.

“It is just a rollercoaster, it is almost like torture – the despair, the unimaginable frustration in the sense that everyone has come together, working so hard: the police, the community, people on the ground.

“We just need something, anything, a piece of information, that can lead us down a different enquiry.”

Ms White said she was very grateful to the police and the “beautiful humans” of Peter Faulding and his underwater search team who had used their specialist sonar equipment to look at the river from the bench to the weir.

This has categorically ruled out that area and Ms White said: “We have to hold on hope to that.”

But she says she is dismayed that there have been so many people coming down to the area, including knocking on doors to ask residents questions, that the police have had to put in a dispersal order.

She said: “A dispersal order, what a misuse of police time and wasting valuable resources that almost take away from our ultimate goal which is to bring Nicki home.

“We’re saying don’t speculate, don’t make any conspiracy theories up and certainly don’t take the law into your own hands.”

She added: “If you cannot be kind then don’t say anything. There’s a lot of that out there on social media.”

And she said that any drivers who were in the area on January 27 would have received a letter from the police asking them for dashcam footage.

The appeal comes as Lancashire Police has been told by a witness of a reportedly suspicious vehicle seen near where Nicola disappeared.

The vehicle was spotted close to Nicola’s walking route on the morning she went missing, Friday, January 27, while walking her spaniel, Willow.

It was seen in a lane a few hundred yards from where the 45-year-old mum of two had dropped her two young daughters off at school.

According to The Sun, a witness described the van as a high-sided Renault-type vehicle or Transit which was faded red.

The Sun reported the witness said: “It was a shabby-looking van, an older model, the kind you can live or work in.

“It was on a quiet lane near a barn, with a couple of houses dotted around.

“Obviously, I don’t know whether this van is related to Nicola’s disappearance. All I know is that something grabbed my attention. I felt compelled to tell police about it.

“Even though it was down the road, as the crow flies it’s quite close to where Nicola was last seen.”

The witness, who did not wish to be named reportedly called the police three days after the timeline surrounding Nicola’s disappearance. 

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