Nicola Sturgeon LIVE: FM set to extend hated scheme after OWN aide pulls rug from under it

Sturgeon slammed by campaigner over 'illiberal' vaccine passports

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Stephen Reicher, professor of psychology at the University of St Andrews, and one of Ms Sturgeon’s hand-picked advisers has said that the increase in vaccination rates in Scotland was “exactly the same as in England where they didn’t have passports”.

Professor Reicher, who sits on the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 Advisory Group, instead warned that the policy could backfire by reaffirming the view held by some vaccine sceptics that jabs are about controlling people.

Ms Sturgeon will announce later today whether the scheme will be extended to cinemas, theatres and other hospitality venues.



  • Sturgeon’s adviser suggests vaccine passports create more resistance 07:28
  • Sturgeon’s adviser suggests vaccine passports create more resistance

    One of Nicola Sturgeon’s hand-picked advisers has warned that vaccine passports create a “larger pool of people who become defiant and resistant.”

    Speaking on the topic of vaccine passports on BBC Radio Scotland’s Sunday Show, Profesor Stephen Reicher said: “The problem is that for people who are sceptical, for people who think vaccines are about controlling you, then actually they become more negative.

    “So you create a larger pool of people who become defiant and resistant and, what’s more, you give traction to those arguments of political bodies who are saying vaccines are about controlling you.”

     “And when you look at the evidence in Scotland, there’s actually absolutely no evidence that vaccine passports increased the rate of take-up. It’s exactly the same as in England.”

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