Nicola Sturgeon named one of UK’s ‘most powerful women’ by Vogue

Labour will not form coalition with SNP says Keir Starmer

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The Scottish First Minister was joined on the list of “women shaping 2021 and beyond” by the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Winslet and Vivienne Westwood. Ms Sturgeon was re-elected in May’s Scottish parliament election, though the SNP fell one short of an absolute majority.

The party is demanding a second referendum on taking Scotland out of the UK.

For Ms Sturgeon’s listing Vogue wrote: “In May, the Scottish National Party, under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon, claimed a historic fourth consecutive term at the Scottish Parliament election, with the highest vote share since devolution.

“Now, one seat shy of a majority, Sturgeon’s case for a second referendum on Scottish independence is growing ever harder for Boris Johnson to ignore.”

Only one other politician featured on the list – Liverpool’s Labour mayor Joanne Anderson.

She was elected in May, with 59 percent of the vote in the second round.

Her Vogue entry said: “As the first woman of colour to be directly elected as a mayor in any UK city, Joanne Anderson’s appointment as Mayor of Liverpool earlier this year was not only a significant win for Labour in a beleaguered 2021, but for the city, too.

“Anderson, who wants to make the eradication of violence against women and girls in Liverpool a priority, symbolises the turning of a leaf for her home town – once one of Britain’s biggest slave ports – and the country.”

The SNP are calling for another independence referendum, whilst Boris Johnson is urging them to focus on Scotland’s recovery from the Covid pandemic.

Speaking to the Sunday Mail, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove said there could be a second referendum, if this is the “settled will” of Scottish voters.

He commented: “The principle that the people of Scotland, in the right circumstances, can ask that question again is there.

“I just don’t think that it is right, and the public don’t think it is right, to ask that question at the moment.

“If it is the case that there is clearly a settled will in favour of a referendum, then one will occur.”


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Mr Gove did not say how the “settled will” should be determined.

However, in a blow for Ms Sturgeon, a recent poll found 39 percent of Scots would be less likely to vote for independence if it means using the Euro.

The SNP has repeatedly said it plans to take Scotland into the EU, if it leaves the UK.

All new EU member states must commit to adopting the Euro as their currency.

The Redfield & Wilton Strategies survey, for the Daily Telegraph, also found a majority of Scots want to remain part of the UK. It polled 1,000 Scottish voters, aged 16 and up.

Earlier this year Alyn Smith, the SNP’s Europe spokesman, said the party would “totally” back joining the Euro to gain EU membership.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, top Brussels officials said Scotland would be required to join the Eurozone.

One said: “If you join the club, you have to wear the tie. You cannot wear your own tie.”

Scotland voted to remain part of the UK in 2014 by 55 percent of the vote to 45 percent.

Ahead of the poll, a number of senior SNP figures said it would be a “once in a generation” decision.
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