Nicola Sturgeon savaged for ‘stoking fear’ with latest coronavirus measure in schools

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has faced ongoing criticism regarding the safe opening of schools in Scotland during the coronavirus crisis. TalkRadio host Dan Wootton argued the SNP leader was “stoking fear” by enforcing the use of face masks at school. He argued this was unnecessary as young people were at lower risk of dying from coronavirus and infection rates are much lower across the UK.

Dan Wootton said: “Nicola Sturgeon has actively decided to stoke fear.

“She has done this by giving into needless measures to enhance her popularity.

“Forcing young people into masks at school is a step too far.

“I think it must be resisted by the Westminster Government.”

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Mr Wootton recited current coronavirus statistics to support his argument there was not a need for stringent coronavirus measures in schools.

He said: “It is going to be critical that the media maintains a sensible approach when reporting on coronavirus in schools.

“There will be cases as we are living with this disease and there remains no vaccine.

“But we must remember the wider context of risk and how much has changed since the peak of the pandemic.

“The facts show that the average daily death toll from the virus is down to just 10 throughout August.

“It is a far cry from the 800 dying every 24 hours in April.

“Just 306 of the 51,935 deaths recorded by the ONS throughout this crisis have been folk under the age of 14.

“According to Birmingham City University, 91 percent of people in England live in a neighbourhood where there hasn’t been any official coronavirus cases for a month.

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“And for all of August, only 10 people have died in London.”

The Scottish government is currently consulting on whether to recommend secondary school pupils and staff wear face coverings when moving around schools in hallways.

Ms Sturgeon announced Scotland’s Education Secretary, John Swinney, is in the final stages of consultation with teachers and councils on the issue.

Some Scottish schools have already opened and have made face masks mandatory for pupils.

The remarks from Mr Wootton came prior to Boris Johnson changing advice on face masks in schools.

Headteachers in England will now be given the discretion over whether to enforce the wearing of face masks for students.

The government will no longer advise against their use.

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