Nicola Sturgeon warned of leadership threat as potential ‘damning indictment’ draws closer

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Tony Miklinski told Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership will come under scrutiny during the upcoming inquiry involving Alex Salmond. The Scottish Conservative Councillor for Cupar claimed, as Ms Sturgeon will be under oath, it will be a damning indictment if she is found to have known how Mr Salmond was behaving during his time in the SNP.

Mr Miklinski said: “The greatest threat to her leadership has to come in the near future from the Alex Salmond inquiry.

“It is going to be taken under oath.

“The fact that he was found not guilty in a criminal court does not mean to say his behaviour towards women was acceptable.

“If she knew that and did nothing about it then it is a damning inditment.

“That exposes the two wings of the party: the pro-Salmond and the pro-Sturgeon.

“I think that has got a lot of life left in it.”  

Ms Sturgeon told Holyrood during First Minister’s Questions this week that she was not aware of female civil servants being advised not to be alone with her predecessor Mr Salmond.

Ms Sturgeon was responding to a question raised by the Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser.

Mr Fraser said: “Were you aware of female civil servants being advised not to be alone in the company of the former First Minister?”

Ms Sturgeon replied: “No, I wasn’t.”

Of the Scottish Parliament inquiry into Mr Salmond’s alleged conduct, Ms Sturgeon said she was “absolutely committed to fully complying with the inquiry”, and would answer “all questions that are put to me by the committee, when the committee asks me to do so – unless, of course, they are asking me questions where my answers would breach legal requirements”.

She went on to add that she had already submitted written evidence to the inquiry – saying it was for the committee to decide “when and to what extent” this is made public.

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Mr Miklinski added: “Nicola Sturgeon’s position has always hindered on the discipline of the SNP.

“There have been signs of that cracking for quite a long time now.”

He continued: “The fact that they have managed to keep it together for 14 years, you have got to admire it.

“The discipline they have had is at a cost, it means when things start to go wrong you can end up with a cataclysmic breakdown.”

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