Nigel Farage outraged at Theresa May’s Honours list ‘farce’ – ‘Shocking! Get rid of Lords’

Speaking on his LBC show, the Brexit Party leader claimed Theresa May’s honours list proves we live in “the days of Henry VIII” as he called for the House of Lords to be abolished as soon as possible. Nigel Farage lashed out against the former Prime Minister’s decision to award a knighthood to former chief Brexit adviser Olly Robbins and her campaign directors Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill in spite of their failures. He said: “How many times have I criticised the honours system. I made the point that actually, it’s really rather like the days of Henry VIII and patronage.

“And Theresa May, oh she didn’t disappoint.

“Have a go at this: Olly Robbins – the guy that negotiated the withdrawal agreement.

“The guy that failed three times to get through the House of Commons that lead ultimately to the rise of a new political party; the resignation of a Prime Minister.

“He gets a knighthood! He also goes off to work for Goldman Sachs! I mean that’s a win double. Unbelievable!

House of Lords, stuffed full of 600 mates of Blair and Cameron, the sooner we get rid of it, the better

Nigel Farage

“And if that wasn’t enough, the director of communications Robbie Gibb, I knew him when he worked at the BBC, perfectly nice chap but he was the director of communications for a Prime Minister that was a complete and total catastrophe.

“But that’s okay, have a knighthood, that’s how it works.”

He continued: “Oh and Ashley Fox, MEP for the south-west of England, leader of the Conservative delegation of the European Parliament, they came fifth in the election, they got 9 percent of the votes.

“The worst Conservative result in a national election for 200 years.

“They’re reduced to four MEPS, but that’s okay. Have a knighthood.”

“Oh and Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill,” he added, “who masterminded the 2017 general election campaign when Theresa May went from a 23 point advantage to not getting any majority at all, and both losing their jobs, both get CBEs. This whole thing is a farce.

“And it’s sad. It’s sad because these honours are designed in a country to recognise those who’ve done great things.

“To see it being devalued the way it has during the years particularly of Blair, Cameron and now Mrs May, I think it’s absolutely shocking.

“As for the House of Lords, stuffed full of 600 mates of Blair and Cameron, the sooner we get rid of it, the better.”

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The former Prime Minister has awarded 11 knighthoods/damehoods, ten CBEs, 19 life peerages, 13 OBEs, six MBEs and one companion of honour.

The Prime Minister’s Resignation Honours in the United Kingdom are honours granted at the behest of an outgoing Prime Minister following his or her resignation.

A source close to Mrs May said: “This list recognises the many different people who have made a significant contribution to public life during Theresa May’s political career.

“It includes not only political colleagues but members of the civil service, civil society, the NHS and the sporting world. It also recognises people from all four nations of the United Kingdom.”

The Lord Speaker, Lord Fowler, said May’s list was “substantially smaller” than those drawn up by predecessors, helping to reduce the size of the House of Lords.

“I hope that the current Prime Minister continues this policy of restraint,” he added.

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