‘Nigel Farage REPRESENTS us’ – Brexit MEP defends leader on pro-EU BBC Question Time panel

Brexit MEP Ms Phillips launched a defiant defence of her party leader on Question Time as the panel debated whether he should have a place at the Brexit negotiating table. Ms Phillips, who also worked with Mr Farage during his time as the Ukip leader insisted that he represents a large portion of the country and therefore must have a voice in the Brexit negotiations. Despite some of the criticism for the Brexit Party leader, Ms Phillips argued that he represents the 17.4 million people that voted to leave the European Union.

Ms Phillips said: “He is the sole voice that represents the 17.4 million people who voted to leave.

“He’s become the person who is prepared to stand up and deliver on Brexit.

“He has two decades inside that Parliament and is in many respects, is in tune with a big chunk of the electorate.”

Despite her impassioned speech, Ms Phillips was challenged by Remainers, Jo Swinson and Barry Gardiner.

Indeed, Ms Swinson attacked the Brexit Party leader and insisted that Mr Farage “should not be in UK politics”.

When asked if Jeremy Corbyn would invite Mr Farage into the Brexit negotiations, the Labour MP bluntly responded “no”.

Mr Farage’s Brexit party claimed 29 seats in the recent European Elections and achieved 31 percent of the UK vote share as they claimed an overwhelming victory.

Following that victory, Mr Farage demanded a seat at the negotiating table.

The Brexit Party leader said: “We’ve got a mandate now, we demand to be part of that negotiating team, to get this country ready to leave whatever the circumstances.

“Firstly we’re going to be in Brussels, secondly we’ve got some very high calibre businessmen and businesswomen used to putting deals together – we’ve got to get on with this.”

Such has been Mr Farage’s growing influence, that European Research Group supremo, Jacob Rees-Mogg has insisted that he may well have to have a say.

The Tory MP added: “I think he has made himself part of the argument that will be put in Brussels.”

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