Nigel Farage shames Iain Duncan Smith and Rees-Mogg in furious Brexit rant – ‘It’s awful!’

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Speaking to Jonathan Saxty on Brexit Watch, the Brexit Party leader claimed Boris Johnson’s revisited Brexit withdrawal agreement was only different from Theresa May’s deal in that it sacrificed Northern Ireland for the sake of the rest of the UK’s freedom. Nigel Farage blasted influential Brexiteers such as Iain Duncan Smith and Jacob Rees-Mogg for their support to the Prime Minister’s agreement, adding: “I remember that morning in Brussels at 5 o’clock in the morning with my lawyer going through that document line by line and realising it was just Mrs May’s deal.

“The only difference was that Northern Ireland had effectively been cut off from the rest of the United Kingdom to save the rest of the UK being trapped inside the customs union.

“I was vehemently opposed to the withdrawal agreement, particularly because there were very specific commitments within it that made fisheries look like they would continue as they currently were.

“That bound us on state aid rules and effectively binding us to a form of alignment.

“It was all there in the document, it wasn’t very hard to read and to see.

“And yet the Conservative Party said it was marvellous. Iain Duncan Smith saying it’s tremendous. And people like Jacob Rees-Mogg saying isn’t it wonderful?

“I kept thinking no, it’s not wonderful at all. It’s awful.”

He added: “The British electorate voted for us not to be tied to those rules and that I think does supersede what was in the agreement.”

Mr Farage said that Boris Johnson still has the chance to force the EU to “concede” on its red lines at the last-minute.

The Brexit Party leader urged the Prime Minister to be “bold” and not cave into Michel Barnier’s demands.

He told Saxty that British compromises would doom the Conservative Party, adding: “Their basic sense of self-survival means they will not collapse to all of those demands.

“I suspect there will be a deal that is struck at the last minute.

“I suspect it won’t give all the things that I and the Brexit Party would want.”

He added: “But I suspect it won’t be so bad that it leaves such a big chink of daylight for others to come in.

“Frankly, if we are bold enough to live with an Australian-type rules no-deal, then I think Barnier will concede on some of these points.

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“The future survival of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and his historical legacy hangs on the next few weeks.”

This follows Mr Farage’s claim that he told a cabinet minister in a private conversation last week that he will politically “kill the Tory Party off” for good if a Brexit betrayal took place.

He said: “For Boris and his team to give into what Michel Barnier wants, it would be a breach of contract with the British people.

“It would also be a complete betrayal of Brexit and that support hanging by a thread would disappear.”

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