No going back: Meghan and Harry will NEVER be able to reverse Megxit pain – fans lash out

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have the details of their departure reviewed next March. Ahead of those discussions with senior members of the family, royal fans have warned there is no coming back for Harry and Meghan. Due to the nature of their shock departure, royals fans have claimed Harry and Meghan have damaged their reputation with the public after settling in Los Angeles.

Royal expert, Marlene Koenig, has also claimed Prince William’s place as the second line to the throne means he is more superior to his brother.

Ms Koenig also told that William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge will take on the duties left by the Sussexes.

In light of William’s apparent superiority, royal fans have expressed their desire for Harry and Meghan not to return as senior members of the Royal Family.

One fan commented on social media: “Harry was never the star, it was always Will & his family.

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“They were given privilege & prestige to stand with William and Kate but that wasn’t enough.

“Megxit proved they were never for Queen & country.”

A second said: “Prince William won’t be able to undo the damage Harry has done to his own reputation.”

A third said: “The Sussex’s had the impression they were the stars, but stars are only for Hollywood, not monarchy!

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“William is the focus as he will be King.

“And so far he has shown to be grounded, responsible and diplomatic.

“He will follow his grandmothers legacy and honour it.”

Another said: “It’s simple really, Meghan Markle simply wasn’t cut out for Royal Life/Duty.


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“Nothing wrong with that, not everyone is cut out for that sort of existence.

“She wasn’t meant to be a member of the Royal Family, she simply isn’t right for it.”

Meghan and Harry will have their current measures reviewed next March after departing the family to become more financially independent.

Since the two relocated to Los Angeles, they have signed an estimated £112million Netflix deal for a series of projects.

Since last March, the pair have now been able to pay off the renovations for Frogmore Cottage and their own security.

Last March, the pair retained their His/Her Royal Highness prefixes but agreed not to use them.

They no longer carry out official duties for the Queen but will maintain their patronages.

Harry also relinquished his role as Captain-General of the Marines during the negotiations.

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