‘No more adventures’ Ex-British soldier to reunite with wife after escaping Afghan prison

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A former serviceman in the Royal Military Police has told The Sun about his escape from prison in Kabul. The ex-Redcap made the great escape through the capital’s blood-soaked streets before managing to fly himself back to the United Kingdom.

Ian Cameron, 56, will have to quarantine in Birmingham for ten days after his arrival.

After his return, his wife Sally, told him he was allowed on “no more adventures”, adding “from now on it’s dull and boring”.

Mr Cameron was sentenced to serve an 18-year prison sentence at the Counter Narcotics Detention Centre in Qasaba after he was caught selling alcohol in Kabul.

Upon the news that the Taliban takeover had reached the Afghan capital, the father-of-one called his wife Sally to say goodbye.

Mr Cameron, who served 24 years in the Royal Military Police, said: “I’ve been in a few tight spots but I can honestly say, with my hand on my heart, this was the first time I thought, ‘I might be a goner’.

“I told her I loved her. I said I thought this might be it and, yeah, you know, we said our goodbyes.”

But Mr Cameron explained how he was broken out of his cell in flip-flops.

He said: “Everyone started shouting, ‘Allahu Akbar!’

“We tried to run outside, but as we got to the front gate bullets were hitting the walls all around us.

“We ran back inside and the guards put us in this safe room with a heavy metal door next to the commander’s office.”

Almost 1,000 prisoners were said to have made their escape during the chaos.

Mr Cameron was assisted by his fellow inmates who helped protect his western identity by using a scarf and a Covid face mask.

He said: “We just ran. We were ducking and diving through the traffic trying to avoid the Taliban.

“It was like doing a ten-mile stretcher race without training. It was the first bit of exercise I had done in six months.”

The ex-serviceman then ran for more than two hours to the airport but was refused entry.

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Instead, he flagged down a minibus but continued on foot when they ran into traffic.

After hopping in a taxi and arriving at the Baon Hotel, Cameron found himself alongside three of his old Redcap comrades.

Mr Cameron was flown out of Afghanistan to Dubai in an RAF C-17 plane before being transferred to a Titan Airways flight bound for Birmingham.

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