‘No Vax Passports!’ London protest erupts as thousands flood Oxford Street in Covid fury

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A crowd of thousands of protestors is marching through Oxford Street in London demanding NHS Covid passes be abolished. The demonstration is part of a World Wide Demo of more than 160 countries. An activist from the group Together, an alliance “united in opposition to the unnecessary authoritarian government response to COVID-19″ can be heard in a video posted on Twitter saying: “We’re going to keep on fighting.”

He continues: “No vaccine passports, no vaccine mandates, stand together.”

Together’s areas of concern are vaccine passport; child vaccination; the Coronavirus Act 2020, which they say “should be repealed and not renewed”; “No Jab, No Job” policies; mandatory mass testing; lockdowns, and the lack of an open debate about the pandemic.

A statement on the alliance’s website reads: “Government has used its powers, through bodies like Ofcom, to shut down discussion of their policies, stifling voices with alternative strategies.

“We need to be free to disagree to find the best solutions and outcomes for all.”

The protest comes as the government has this week announced booster jabs can now be added to the NHS Covid app, which is used to show proof of vaccination, of a negative test or of a recent recovery from the virus.

In order to travel to countries such as Israel, Croatia or Austria, where vaccination status after a certain period is only considered complete with three shots, it is required to show the certificate provided on the NHS Covid App to avoid quarantining upon arrival.

The app’s domestic pass is not yet showing booster jabs because they are not currently required to qualify as fully vaccinated.


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