‘Nobody dies of Omicron if you’ve been jabbed!’ Fed up GP loses it at anti-vax NHS staff

Omicron: GP explains ‘overwhelming’ science behind vaccines

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GP Dr David Lloyd told two guests on GB News that they were ignoring the “principles” of why Brits should get vaccinated and accused a former carer, who quite their job because of the original plans to make vaccines mandatory, that they were talking “nonsense” in their excuse for not getting jabbed.

It comes as the Government performed a major U-Turn on plans to make vaccines mandatory for NHS staff, with Health Secretary Sajid Javid announcing the measure had been revoked because the public are better protected against the virus and the Omicron strain proved to be milder than other variants.

It comes after warnings of crippling staff shortages if the plan had gone ahead, with figures suggesting up to 70,000 NHS staff could have been forced out of jobs amid the mandate fallout. 

Speaking to GB News Dr David Lloyd said: “Nobody dies from the Omicron variant if you have been vaccinated! You have got an 80 percent less chance of going into hospital if you have been vaccinated three times.”

He added how “the science is overwhelming that the vaccine is safe” as he slammed the vaccine sceptics for their position on the jab.

JUST IN U-turn on mandatory Covid jabs for NHS staff

Dr Lloyd went on: “I think we really have to go back to first principles and say I know people don’t like having things done to them… But for a very long time it has been compulsory for doctors and nurses in the health service to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B.

He added how “I fail to see the difference” between the compulsory Hepatitis B vaccination and the Covid vaccination being made compulsory in a job where “their patients expect their doctors and nurses and their frontline workers are vaccinated”.

Responding to the damning takedown, carer Andrew Salisbury who refused the jab and quit his job as a result of the original mandate plans, insisted he was not anti-vax but claimed a previous flu jab made him “so ill” which put him off the COVID-19 vaccine.

He claimed he could “understand more” why the Hepatitis B jab was mandatory “because that is to do with the blood” before going on to complain about the PPE and testing health staff were required to undergo, insisting these were examples where staff “took all the precautions” and “kept Covid out”.

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But the doctor slammed back, hammering: “What do I have to say? That was all nonsense! It is not based on any facts, it is about personal feelings… Covid is far more deadly than Hepatitis B and yet it is compulsory!

“Would you wear a seatbelt in your car? Is it an infringement on my liberty that I am being forced to wear a seatbelt?”

Following the scrapping of the vaccine mandate plans, Mr Javid told MPs: “Omicron is intrinsically less severe. When taken together with the first factor that we now have greater population protection, the evidence shows the risk of presentation to emergency care or hospital admission with Omicron is approximately half of that for Delta.

“Given these dramatic changes, it is not only right but responsible to revisit the balance of risks and opportunities that guided our original decision last year.”

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He added: “While vaccination remains our very best line of defence against Covid- 19, I believe it is no longer proportionate to require vaccination as a condition of deployment through statute.

“We will launch a consultation on ending vaccination as a condition in health and all social care sectors. Subject to the responses and the will of this House, the Government will revert the regulations.”

Six percent of NHS staff are still unvaccinated, with some Trust’s in England seeing 12-percent of staff without a jab.

48.4 million (72 percent) of Britons are fully vaccinated against Coronavirus.

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