Nurse’s husband slams Tory MP in fierce radio debate on ‘ridiculous’ Covid mandate

Nurse’s husband clashes with Warman over vaccine mandate

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Guest caller Mark got into a heated debate over Mr Warman’s views on NHS staff’s mandatory jabbing as he lamented his nurse wife could lose her job over her refusal to get the vaccine. Although the double jab policy does not apply for booster vaccines or the annual winter flu vaccine, the Government has said they will keep this regulation under review and if need be make changes to the current imposed regulations. Mr Warman told Nicky Campbell’s BBC Radio 5 Live show “it’s the right thing” to ask nurses and doctors to be vaccinated.

Caller Mark said: “She takes a lateral flow test every morning before she goes to work because that is the requirement.

“She wears PPE, she has worn PPE handling people that have Covid on wards that she’s worked on.

Mark added: “But she’ll be sacked because she’s not had her vaccine, can you explain why please?”

Mr Warman said: “I think it’s the right thing to ask people working in social care and in the health services to be vaccinated. 

“To provide reassurance to their patients, to their colleagues, and I would say simply that people who are hesitant.

“Just as we said a minute ago, can sit down with their bosses, with their colleagues and I’m pretty sure that someone working in the health service will come away convinced by those arguments.”

The caller hit back: “Nicky, do you mind can I just come back on this, that’s not true, that is not true!

“People are being forced, people are being told they have to. People are being told if they want to go for another job they have to have the vaccine or they cannot get the job.

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“There is a compulsion element to this, it is not the case, my wife’s working with people who have been double vaccinated and who are off with Covid.

Guest caller Mark added: “It’s ridiculous! It is a ridiculous situation, the NHS is going to lose staff now at a time when they needed them the most.

“But they are undertaking lateral flows, surely if they can go out to a social event or go to the pub or go to an evening out having had a negative lateral flow.

“Why can’t they go to work with the same flow test, it’s ridiculous.”

Enforcement of mandatory vaccines for health care workers in the UK would begin from 1 April 2022, subject to Parliament’s approval.

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said: “Vaccines save lives and patient safety is paramount. Many of the people being treated in hospitals or cared for at home are the most vulnerable to COVID-19. We have a responsibility to give patients and staff the best possible protection.

“We have consulted closely with the sector and will introduce new regulations to ensure people working in healthcare are vaccinated from next spring.

“I want to thank everyone who works in health and social care for the amazing work they do. If you haven’t come forward for your jab yet, please do so. We are determined to support you in this process.”

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