One London court’s backlog is double that of Wales

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Claire Waxman, Victims’ Commissioner for the capital, warned barrister strikes over pay would cause even greater record backlogs and more pain to victims. There are 4,105 cases waiting at Snaresbrook Crown Court in east London while just 2,110 are pending trial in Wales.

The average wait time for a trial in London is now 309 days on top of the police investigation lasting possibly years.

Ms Waxman has experienced the torment caused by a backlog – as she waited for a stalker, who has pursued her for two decades, to be convicted last month.

She said: “It takes over your entire life. You worry, you are anxious and stressed for weeks before the trial.

“The victim comes in completely in the dark, unlike the defendant who is prepared by the defence team. There is an imbalance there.”

The outcome of a vote to end the barristers’ strike is due today, after an improved offer from the Government.

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