‘One rule for us, one for them’ Radio host slams ‘ludicrous’ Covid pass loophole for MPs

Radio host tears into 'ludicrous' Covid pass loophole for MPs

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Mr Cardwell discusses the new Covid passes which are being introduced in the UK after Tuesday’s vote to implement new restrictions to stem the flow of the Omicron variant in the UK. NHS COVID Passes for domestic events will be introduced for everyone living in the UK, but MPs attending Parliament will not need to show proof of vaccination to enter the building. TalkRadio host Kevin O’Sullivan said: “it is slightly ridiculous, something has just cropped up as well previously Peter, that I don’t think will be good optics and that is that Covid Passports will not apply to MPs in the Palace of Westminister.”

Mr Cardwell said: “Yeah that’s pretty ludicrous I think a lot of people will be very angry about that.”

“Of course you have the gathering of not just 650 MPs but also the many thousands of people who work on the parliamentary estate in the sort of Westminister village.”

“So I think what the narrative of one rule for them and one rule for rest of us will be something that people continue to say.

“And by the way Kevin just because I called your interpretation cynical doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong.”

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Mr O’Sullivan added: “I know what people are thinking in Westminister and they’re on my side on that one.”

Britons can still enter certain venues with proof of a negative lateral flow test as long as it has been taken within 48 hours of attendance.

More than 100 Tory MPs voted against the implementation during Tuesday’s vote in Westminister, the second-largest Tory rebellion when it comes to voting opposition in Parliament.

Nightclub owners in London have been reacting to the new restrictions that go into effect on Wednesday. 

Plan B: MPs vote for mandatory vaccines for NHS frontline staff

The owner of Electric Ballroom in Camden North London, Kate Fuller spoke about the new rules: “Since the announcement of the restrictions, our business just took a massive downturn

The Government is asking people to take a lateral flow test before going to any crowded venue but there have been shortages in PCR tests in the UK, making it a lot harder for people to prove a negative result every two days.

People who are fully vaccinated need to test every day for seven days a week if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive with Covid.

Ms Fuller added: “There’s no testing in a lot of the pharmacies. If you can’t get the tests, it’s going to be really hard for people to come.

Tory MP Danny Kruger originally disagreed with the new Plan B measures but changed his mind, he told in a statement.

Mr Kruger said he “decided to support the Government, despite some big misgivings.”

He added: “I spoke to the Health Secretary last night and the Prime Minister this morning. Both stressed that these deliberately limited measures are intended to prevent another mandatory lockdown and that there will never be compulsory vaccination for any citizen or vaccination as a condition of employment for anyone except health and care workers.

“On this basis thus far and no further –I am happy to support the measures this evening.”

“I think for our security and everything, implementing these is just going to be, you know, a big challenge.”

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