Outrage as video shows police arresting women in front of young son over fare

The Metropolitan Police have been slammed after a mother was arrested in front of her son after being accused of not paying a bus fare.

Distressing video footage shared on social media shows the moment the woman is arrested on Whitehorse Road, Croydon, London, while her young son cries as passers-by question police asking: “Why are you arresting her”.

The force said the woman was arrested on suspicion of fare evasion and detained after not complying with a request to check she had paid for her fair.

Met Police claimed she was asked to stop but “attempted to walk off and became abusive”.

However, it was later found that the woman had paid the fare.

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In the video, two police officers can be seen arresting the woman whilst another officer is knelt down attempting to comfort her distressed son.

Several passersby appear to stop to witness the arrest while the woman continuously asks “What are you doing?”.

The person filming the scene is heard asking what has happened when someone explains she has been arrested over the fare.

The cameraman is heard saying: “Fare evasion on a bus, this is what this is over, wow.

“Haven’t you got nothing better to do with your time?”

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In a statement, the force claimed the video does not paint the full picture and was part of a “wide incident”.

The Met said: “The woman was with her child and we appreciate that the video and circumstances look concerning.

“However, it is a snapshot of a wider incident.

“The video from this incident and the officers body worn video, which was active for a longer period of than the social media clip, has been reviewed.”

They also confirmed that the incident would be discussed with local community groups and forums to hear their views.

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So far the video has racked up over 6.5 million views on TikTok with many outraged over the handling of the situation, including several female MPs

Labour MP Kim Johnson was among those responding to the video saying: “Tell me that handcuffing this woman is a proportionate response to a suspicion of an unpaid bus fare, a fare it was later proven she had paid.

“Another example of how black people are disproportionately treated by the @metpoliceuk. Their explanation is unacceptable.”

Independent MP for Leicester East Claudia Webbe said: “Outrageous The most disrespected person is the Black woman. The most unprotected person is the Black woman.

“The most neglected person is the Black woman the Met Police is the boot of the state; they do not care about Black people and Black women in particular And still we rise.”

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