PC gone mad! Schoolchildren launch petition after ice cream and custard banned from menu

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Pupils at Aberdeenshire’s Rhynie PS are calling for their favourite puddings to be served at the school after the council “refreshed” dinner menus in line with new nutritional requirements.

These requirements limit sugar intake and encourage the eating of healthier options such as fruit or vegetables.

In their petition, the pupils said: “The puddings that we love, cooked by Mrs Moir, are the best in the world and we don’t want to lose them.

“They are part of a balanced diet for us and we know that Mrs Moir reduced the sugar content as much as possible.

“We ask kindly that you revert back to having puddings as part of our choice for dinner

In a bizarre move, Aberdeenshire Council said that while ice cream and custard have been removed, other sugar alternatives such as brownies, muffins and cookies are available.

In a statement, they said: “Whilst desserts such as ice cream and custard have been removed, alternatives like brownies, muffins, gingerbread, and cookies are now available.

“However, our focus is currently on healthy eating as well as using the very best products available in Aberdeenshire and Scotland to provide pupils with nutritious and delicious meals at affordable prices.”

The news has enraged the public with many claiming primary school children know more about “balanced diets” than those who made the decisions.

One person said: “Perhaps if they went back to doing PE three times a week on top of swimming and other activities, this wouldn’t be necessary.

“There’s too much emphasis on forcing education on young children instead of exercise.”

Another added: “This really is getting silly. School custard will be mainly water-based & custard powder anyway, which is just corn flour.”

Someone else said: “There’s nothing wrong with ice cream or custard providing you eat it in moderation.

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“No need to ban it completely.”

Another person tweeted: “Dropped from their menu on health grounds.

“Hmmm… OK. Everything is fine in moderation.”

Someone else said: “Primary children literally know (and care) more about balanced diets and healthy lifestyles than the people/companies who make these decisions.

“Nothing wrong with custard and ice cream if the rest of the meal is nutritionally appropriate.”

Another person went on to say how “variety is important” and called for more exercise “if it is an issue”.

Someone else said: “God save us from PC County councils.

“We can’t have a bigger go at a Scottish Council, because the English ones are no better…

“Hopefully good practice for the pupils, as a lesson on how to complain, because they will be doing it regularly for the rest of their lives.”

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