Pentagon questioned after opening UFO tracking website

The US government has launched a new website that will allow the public to see information on its investigations into unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) – and will soon enable anyone to report a sighting.

However, the data available will only relate to resolved UAP causes, according to the Department of Defense.

At a briefing to launch the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office’s new site, Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig Gen Pat Ryder said: ‘This website will provide information, including photos and videos, on resolved UAP cases as they are declassified and approved for public release.  

‘The website’s other content includes reporting trends and a frequently asked questions section as well as links to official reports, transcripts, press releases, and other resources that the public may find useful.’

Reporting trends already released on the site show that almost half of UAP sightings are classed as an orb, round or sphere-shaped object. ‘Ambiguous sensor contact’ is the second most common occurrence.

The US government’s knowledge of UAPs has come under intense scrutiny in recent months following allegations by whistleblower David Charles Grusch in June that it was hiding physical evidence of ‘intact and partially intact’ alien vehicles.  

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Pressure from politicians and the media following Mr Grusch’s claims led to a congressional hearing last month during which he and two other former military personnel shared their experiences of UAPs.

Lt Ryan Graves, a former F-18 pilot, alleged UAPs are an ‘open secret’ among fighter pilots, and described having to make evasive manoeuvres to avoid a ‘dark grey cube inside a clear sphere’, which stood ‘motionless against the wind’.

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David Fravor, a retired commander, described a series of UAPs that appeared to ‘hang out’ above the Persian Gulf, and a specific encounter with the now well-known ‘Tic Tac’ UAP, a small, white UAP that disappeared and reappeared on radar 60 miles away a minute later.

The DoD has pledged it is ‘committed to transparency with the American people on AARO’s work on UAP’. The new website will also serve as a portal for serving and former military personnel to report UAP sightings dating back to 1945.

A mechanism for the public to share sightings will be announced by the DoD ‘in the coming months’ – although it is not known if this is for reports worldwide or only the US. 

During his testimony, Mr Grusch raised concerns regarding the mechanism for reporting UAP sightings, adding that he had suffered retaliation after turning whistleblower. He also alleged people had been harmed in order to maintain a ‘cover-up’.

When questioned about evidence Mr Grusch had collected and whether it would be shared by AARO, Brig Gen Ryder said: ‘AARO is very willing to take any inputs or information to investigate claims of UAP, and so if that information is made available to the department certainly we’ll take a look at it.

‘In this individuals case I don’t know whether he has provided it to AARO to report or not.’

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Writing on its new website, AARO director Dr Sean Kirkpatrick said: ‘Since its establishment in July 2022, AARO has taken important steps to improve data collection, standardise reporting requirements, and mitigate the potential threats to safety and security posed by UAP.  

‘We look forward to using this site to regularly update the public about AARO’s work and findings, and to provide a mechanism for UAP reporting.’

The DoD statement announcing the site added: ‘This website will serve as a one-stop shop for all publicly available information related to AARO and UAP, and AARO will regularly update the website with its most recent activities and findings as new information is cleared for public release.’

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