People banned from leaving Wales unless they have valid reason

People in Wales will not be allowed to travel outside of the country without a reasonable excuse when the firebreak lockdown ends next week.

Those living in England will also be prevented from crossing the border unless it is for an essential reason, the Welsh Government has confirmed.

First Minister Mark Drakeford has been outlining a series of new rules which will come into place once the country comes out of lockdown on November 9.

Pubs, restaurants, cafes and gyms are all set to reopen – just four days after England’s month-long shut-down begins.

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Mr Drakeford said the regular ‘to-ing and fro-ing’ across the border would not be allowed to take place while different rules are in force in the two countries.

Travelling for work will be deemed essential along with a small list of other ‘reasonable excuses’, which will be confirmed shortly.

He said: ‘There will be no travel restrictions inside Wales but during the month-long lockdown in England, travel will not be permitted outside Wales without a reasonable excuse.

He added: ‘People who live in Wales but work in England will have a reasonable reason for travelling to work, and people who live in England and work in Wales clearly have a reasonable excuse for coming across the border to work here.

‘But it will be a restricted list of essential purposes, rather than the normal to-ing and fro-ing across the border that you would have seen in less fraught and difficult times.’

More than 1,000 people are in hospital in Wales with coronavirus-related conditions, he told a press conference in Cardiff.

He said: ‘We still have a week left of the firebreak period, a week to make a real difference to the course of this virus, to prevent our NHS from being overwhelmed, and to save lives.’

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