‘People can’t pay!’ Expert reveals ‘only way’ Britons can reduce energy bills

Will Hodgson reveals ‘only way’ to save money on energy bills

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Money-saving expert Will Hodgson explains “the only way” Britons can save money on their energy bills ahead of a potentially cold winter for the most vulnerable households. As Britons are gearing up for high energy bills, Will Hodgson from the money-saving consultancy How to Save it claims the “only way” Britons can reduce their energy bills is to decrease usage. 

He told GB News: “There’s no way around it – people can’t pay those bills.

“In terms of what we can do, now I spend a decade in energy where the mantra was: switch and shop around.

“The way to reduce your bill was to change your supplier.”

“You can’t do that anymore,” Mr Hodgson said. “The only way you can reduce your bill is to reduce your usage. So, households need advice and tips on this.”

Mr Hodgson went on to give his tips to reduce energy bills.

He said: “Reduce the flow temperature of your boiler – 80 degrees as a full set, doesn’t need to be that high, get it down to 50 or 60 can save you a couple of hundreds of quids a year.

GB News’ Anne Diamond jumped in, asking: “There’s often a thing on the dial that says ‘eco’. Is that what that would be?”

Mr Hodgson answered: “I would recommend people google their exact boiler, the direction should be straightforward.”

“So, it’s reduce the flow of temperature,” GB News’ Diamond clarified.

“Exactly,” said Mr Hodgson, adding: “It’s always too high.”

GB News’ Stephen Dixon asked for clarification: “Is that how hot it’s making the water?”

“That’s right,” said Mr Hodgson, “so, you have it too hot heating for too long.”

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The energy regulator Ofgem has raised the energy price cap – meant to protect energy customs from excessively high energy prices – by 80 percent from £1,971 now to £3,549 from October 1. Ofgem’s report has sent shockwaves throughout Britain, with up to half the population potentially falling into fuel poverty this winter.

The energy consultancy firm Cornwall Insight has warned the cap is forecast to increase again in April to £6,616.

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