‘Petrified’ cyclist’s dream wrecked after BMW driver abandons her in a ditch

Ms Varley was hit by the vehicle on Bank End Road towards the Blue Bell Inn when the incident occurred.

She has revealed in detail the hurdles she has had to overcome since suffering severe injuries in the accident which forced her to delay the launch of her business.

Ms Varley suffered a fractured spine, a broken right leg and ankle, and degloving injuries which saw skin ripped from her ankle and elbow.

Following the accident, she spent 10 days in hospital and underwent several operations on broken bones alongside multiple skin grafts.

Speaking to YorkshireLive, she described the horrifying experience: “It was a gorgeous sunny day and perfect conditions.

“On the way home, three cars had overtaken me with no problem and then I remember hearing a car thinking – that’s loud – then the next thing I knew I was hit from behind. My next memory is being laid out in the ditch looking up and shouting for help.”

Ms Varley was assisted by passers-by who rushed to help her before paramedics arrived to take her to a local hospital.

She said that after the accident, the driver stopped, but didn’t come back to look for her as she described the terrifying feelings that rushed through her head. She said: “The driver had stopped quite far down the road but didn’t come over.

“I was on my back thinking how I could drag myself out of the ditch as I was petrified no one could see me and I’d be left there. Then some people came and called the emergency services.”

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She added: “It was only when I came round in hospital did the extent of my injuries become apparent.

“The last few months and trying to come to terms with both the physical and mental trauma of everything has been difficult.

“Life before the accident was good. I’ve always loved horses and horse riding and was about to turn my passion into launching my livery business. However, all that changed in a few seconds.”

Since the accident, Ms Varley has instructed serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to help her get access to the specialist therapies and rehabilitation she needs.

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Serious injury expert at Irwin Mitchell, Grace Todd, who is representing Ms Varley, said: “The terrible injuries Lauren suffered through no fault of her own have greatly impacted not only her life but that of her family.

“She’s lost a lot of independence, and while through access to early rehabilitation, she’s making progress in her recovery, Lauren still faces many challenges.

We’re determined to help Lauren make the best recovery possible. In the meantime, we hope her story acts as a warning about the dangers that vulnerable road users such as cyclists face and why it’s important for everyone to take care on the roads.”

Police launched an investigation into the accident, but decided not to take any further action against the BMW driver.

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