Piers Morgan hits out at ‘woke nonsense’ over calls only disabled actors can play roles

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The outspoken Good Morning Britain co-host sparked a debate on Twitter after actress Sally Phillips said people with disabilities continue to be underrepresented on TV.

Over the years, several actors have been accused of ‘cripping up’ including Bradley Cooper and Eddie Redmayne.

The term refers to an able-bodied actor playing a character who is disabled.

Now Ms Phillips has lashed out at ‘cripping up’ claiming it is just as unacceptable as blackface.

But Mr Morgan reacted in fury over the comments made by the Smack the Pony star claiming the “woke nonsense” has to stop.

He wrote on Twitter: “All acting is bloody acting.

“This woke nonsense has to stop before it destroys everything.”

In an interview with the Sunday Times, the actress earlier said: “Cripping up is just as unacceptable as blackface.

“People think a disabled actor isn’t acting if they’re playing a disabled character.

“But that’s like saying Idris Elba isn’t acting when he plays Nelson Mandela.

“Lack of integration has massive effects.

“You shouldn’t be stopped from working in TV because you literally can’t get in the building.”

Mr Morgan’s comments have been widely criticised on social media with broadcast journalist Adam Pearson saying disabled actors asking for opportunities is not “work nor nonsense”.

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Mr Pearson, who has neurofibromatosis and has been involved in outreach programmes to prevent bullying associated with deformities, said: “Disabled actors asking for equality of opportunity is neither woke nor nonsense.

“In an industry that is forever discussing diversity and inclusion with regards to race and gender, disability seems to be the last bastion that needs dealing with.”

In response to this, Mr Morgan went on to claim the demand that only disabled actors can play disabled roles is the opposite of equality.

He continued: “I agree with you about the need for equal opportunity.

“The ‘woke nonsense’ is demanding that only disabled actors can play disabled characters.

“That’s actually the opposite of equal opportunity.”

According to the 2019 annual Diamond Report, published by the Creative Diversity Network, disabled people are the most under-represented group of all in TV.

The report, which was backed by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky, found disabled people make up for just 5.2 percent of the off-screen workforce and 7.8 percent on screen.

Over recent years, the film and TV industries have come under attack from minority groups.

Many members of the LGBTQ community have called for gay actors to only play gay roles.

This call came after straight actors such as Armie Hammer, Josh O’Connor and Nick Robinson all portrayed gay characters on the big screen.

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