Piers slams ‘Meghan and Harry rodeo’ as kids not invited to Coronation

Piers Morgan rages against Meghan and Harry’s Coronation plans

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just want to spend time around “real royals” at the Coronation, according to presenter Piers Morgan. The talk show host slammed the Duke and Duchess for attempting to make “everything the royals do about them”.

When asked about reports that the Sussexes’ children, Prince Archie Harrison and Princess Diana Lilibet, had not been invited to the Coronation, Morgan agreed with the decision claiming they were “way too young” to sit in Westminster Abbey for hours on end.

“We used to watch Dallas and Dynasty here in the UK and we used to think ‘these people are so ridiculous, they’re rich, they’re entitled, they’re spoiled, there’s always a drama’, now we have our royal family and they’re behaving exactly the same way,” Piers Morgan raged on Fox News.

He continued: “I think we’re all, probably like you, getting a little bit tired of the Meghan and Harry rodeo which seems to try and make everything the royals do about them.

“Let’s be clear, Archie is three years old, Lilibet is one. They’re way too young – in my estimation, having four kids – to be stuck in an abbey watching a Coronation bang on for hours on end. I think it would be ridiculous for them to be there.”

Although the Sussexes have been invited to King Charles’s Coronation, it is unclear whether they will attend. Archie and Lilibet reportedly did not receive an invitation but Camilla, Queen Consort’s grandchildren – who are between the ages of 13 and 15 – will be attending.

Piers Morgan claimed that Meghan and Harry wanted to attend the Coronation to “make money off the back of it”.

He said: “What we know about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is that they will always want to have as much time around the real royals – the A-listers – as they can get so they can make money off the back of it.

“We’ve seen that with the Netflix documentary, the book and so on. So I suspect Meghan and Harry will want their kids their simply because it shows their own expanded, titled royal rival family.”

King Charles will be crowned later this year on May 6. Although he became monarch as soon as his mother Queen Elizabeth II died, the occasion will mark the change in his powers and titles as well as his position as the head of the Church of England.

The King reportedly invited the Sussexes believing that their absence would be more of a distraction than their presence at the event. Royal watchers are now waiting to see whether Meghan and Harry will attend.

Prince Archie’s fourth birthday is on May 6, meaning the parents may want to remain with their son instead of travelling to the UK. Additionally, some have speculated that Prince Harry could attend the event while Meghan remains in California.

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