‘PM is in great difficulty’ Steve Baker MP warns Johnson but vows NOT to try to remove him

Boris Johnson is in 'great difficulty' admits Steve Baker

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There have been accusations following a leaked video from an ITV News press conference last year, where former Press Secretary Allegra Stratton can be seen giggling and joking about a Number 10 Christmas party that allegedly took place last year during a national lockdown. 

The public has been calling for Johnson to resign over the alleged rule breaks, and to make things even worse a new photo from a Zoom quiz where Johnson can be seen sitting close to conservative aides when he should be socially distanced, has been released.

This has caused more criticism to come the PMs way as it seems like he and his staff are not following the same rules they have given to the rest of the country to follow.

This morning on Trevor Phillips show on Sky News, Tory MP Steve Baker discussed the current position the Priminister is in as public support is dwindeling.

Mr Baker said: “I think right now the Prime Minister is in very great difficulty for the reasons that you’re indicating.

“Any member of the public is going to rightly demand that politicians not only comply with the rules that they impose on other people but they’re seen to comply with their spirit and it’s pretty obvious now that that hasn’t happened and that’s a very bad position to be in.

“But let me be clear Trevor, I’ve been down this road once before, viewers will know and I have absolutely no intention this time round of trying to remove a Prime Minister.

“I want to see Boris turn this situation around, I want to see him rescue his position, I want to see him go on to be a great success but he’s not going to do it by paying lip service to rules and being incautious as to how his staff behave and comply with them.

“So don’t make him Prime Minister for his particular attention to detail, but it is now time for complete compliance with all rules.”

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