PMQs today: Five of the best lines from Boris and Starmer’s heated confrontation

PMQs: Starmer shames Johnson over Queen ‘standing alone’

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Boris Johnson used PMQs to apologise for the footage that emerged on Tuesday night, showing Downing Street staff joking about an alleged Christmas party at No 10. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer demanded that the PM admits the party took place. analysed PMQs to find the five most noteworthy lines from the exchange.

1. “I was furious” – Boris Johnson

Mr Johnson admitted he was incredibly angry when he first saw the video of No 10 staff joking about the Christmas party.

He apologised to the public for his staff, but insisted again that no rules had been broken.

He said: “I was also furious to see that clip. I apologise unreservedly for the offence that it gave up and down the country.

“I understand and share the anger [at seeing No 10 staff seeming to] make light of lockdown measures.”

2. “The Prime Minister was taking them for fools” – Sir Keir Starmer

Immediately after the PM apologised, the Labour leader continued to press Mr Johnson.

He led on the numerous denials from No 10 about the alleged Christmas party.

Mr Starmer also claimed that “millions of people now think the prime minister was taking them for fools and they were lied to”.

It was a harder line that we’re used to seeing from the Leader of the Opposition.

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3. “Didn’t allow her to visit her dying mother” – Sir Keir Starmer

Mr Starmer revealed that he spoke to Trisha, a member of the public, about the anger over last year’s alleged Downing Street party.

At the same time that the No 10 staff were joking about the party, her mother was in hospital.

“What Trisha wants to know is this why did the prime minister expect her to accept rules that allowed a Downing Street party but didn’t allow her to visit her dying mother?,” he said.

Mr Johnson responded by claiming the Labour Party were trying to “play politics”.

4. “Playing politics” – Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister tried to defend himself by accusing the Leader of the Opposition of playing politics.

It’s not the first time Mr Johnson has relied on that slogan when things are going against him, however.

He claimed the government was tackling immigration and drug gangs, and that Labour should be focussing on similar issues instead of the events from 12 months ago.

Mr Johnson once again reiterated that a full investigation would be carried out by the Cabinet Secretary.

5. “Trust in leadership is a matter of life and death” – Ian Blackford

The SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford called for the PM to resign.

He claimed that Mr Johnson was “responsible for losing the trust of the people”, and that he could “no longer lead on the most pressing issues”.

Mr Blackford said the “only right and moral choice” was for the PM to step down.

But Mr Johnson claimed that the SNP – along with Labour – were continuing to “play politics”.

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