Police criticised over ‘disgusting’ treatment of lost snake

Police officers have been criticised after posing for photos with a snake which later died.

The rat snake, named Psycho, was found at a Halfords car park in Foleshill, Coventry, on Wednesday morning.

Officers took him to an exotic animals store where he was put inside a heated box to help him recover – but he later died.

It was before his death that the officers took the photos.

They were published on local news site Coventry Live but have been deleted from Twitter.

According to the website, the Twitter post had the caption: “Never a dull day in Foleshill!! This snake was rescued from Halfords car park this morning and taken to a local reptile shop to get it warmed up. Any idea on species, tweeps?”

Sian Bishop, sister of the snake’s owner, said the family will make an official complaint about the officers’ behaviour to West Midlands Police.

She told Coventry Live: “It’s like they were holding him up as a trophy.

“It’s disgusting how they were smiling in the photos too when he was nearly dead.

“I genuinely think he could have been saved but the way he was treated was absolutely disgusting.

“It’s animal cruelty. They wouldn’t have done if it is was a dog or cat. It’s like they wanted to brag about it.”

A police spokesman said the officers had taken photos of Psycho “to share on Twitter in the hope that the owners would come forward”.

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