Police swoop as thong-wearing OnlyFans model poses outside Windsor Castle

An OnlyFans model caused quite a stir after stripping down to a tiny bikini and posing outside Windsor Castle.

Thong-wearing Isabelle Berry said police swooped as tourists stopped to take pictures as she held a photoshoot on the King’s front lawn. The 33-year-old told The Sun: “A lot of tourists were taking photos.”

Berkshire-native Isabelle – who has 34DD enhanced breasts and had a Brazilian bum lift – travelled from her home at lunch time before whipping off her tracksuit bottoms and hoodie in a packed-out car park.

In front of a packed out Wetherspoons opposite, she posed in a Prada two-piece against the 900-year-old Curfew Tower. She was also seen striking poses on benches outside the 13ft-thick walls.

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Not every resident of the upmarket Berkshire town appreciated Isabelle’s stunt. One said she would have been “locked up in that tower” for her photoshoot.

While 46-year-old Jane Rackham told The Sun: “This is a royal town, not Magaluf. We can’t have people cavorting like that in front of the castle.”

Although King Charles and Queen Camilla were not home at the time – Windsor Castle is one of their official residences – police were quick to put a stop to Isabelle’s photoshoot. She added: “They gave me a telling off.

“They said I wasn’t allowed on the grass and I had to cover up otherwise they could arrest me, maybe for indecent exposure because it was a thong.

“They were very serious at the beginning and said, ‘Don’t do anything silly like this again because you could get arrested’. But at the end of it they were laughing.”

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It is thought the King and Queen were in Norfolk when Isabelle visited their residence. Their spokesman declined to comment when approached by The Sun.

Social media users however saw the funny side of Isabelle’s shoot. One said: “At first I was like why is she posting a pic of the castle? Then I spotted you.”

Another simply said it was “brilliant” complete with the crying laughing emoji and a love heart. As a third said: “I mean your crazy but I’m here for it.”

Explaining her decision to visit the castle, Isabelle told the Daily Mail: “‘It keeps it exciting! There’s only so many lingerie pictures they want to see in my bedroom.

“I’ll have to think of the next spot soon.”

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