POLL: Should anti-monarchy protests be banned at Coronation?

Westminster Abbey: Protesters gather against King Charles

Anti-monarchy campaign group Republic is hoping to recruit more people to join their thousand-strong crowd protesting at King Charles III’s Coronation on May 6. Protests against the monarchy have become more visible since the death of Queen Elizabeth II last September. Do you think they should be banned during the Coronation celebrations? Vote in our poll.

In recent weeks Republic has organised protests against the Firm at royal visits to Colchester and Milton Keynes, in addition to events outside Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth Day service attended by all senior members of the Royal Family.

Republic CEO Graham Smith said the group were planning to demonstrate during the King’s visit to York on April 6 and a month later in central London, during the Coronation.

He told “We’re hoping that our protests will serve to embolden people following the arrests last year which might have had a chilling effect on protest.”

Yet, he added: “I think the ground is more fertile than ever for us to campaign and for more people to get behind the idea of a republic.”

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He continued: “We’ve seen thousands of new supporters sign up, both members and donors. Our income last year was £286,000, up from £106,000 in 2020. In September alone we had £70,000 of donations and member fees.”

Despite an increase in the number of supporters and revenue, the Met Police claimed there has not been a “noticeable increase” in protests against the King.

Last month, The Met told “I can confirm that the MPS [Metropolitan Police Service] has not recorded a noticeable increase in protests against the monarchy and its members since September 2022.”

Following the protests in Milton Keynes last month royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told “Republic have, of course, a right to peaceful protest but I hope they don’t do this regularly. They are unlikely to do themselves much good!”

So what do YOU think? Should anti-monarchy protests be banned at Coronation? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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