Poll shows Scotland, Canada and Australia are turning their backs on the King

New polling on the Royal Family shows that some of the Commonwealth nations believe that King Charles III will not be able to unite them. The survey was carried out in the months leading up to the King’s Coronation by leading pollster Lord Ashcroft who commissioned it due to the “little reliable data as to how people in these countries see their relationship with the Crown”. The poll, which surveyed a total of 22,701 people from all 15 realms, shows concerning results for the monarchy as a number of leading Commonwealth nations question the monarchy’s ability to be a uniting force for good.

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The results showed that respondents in most countries and nations were more inclined to agree than disagree that “King Charles can unite everyone in my country, no matter who they voted for”.

The polling showed Commonwealth nation Tuvalu overwhelmingly backed the King to reunite the country, despite Canada, New Zealand and Australia strongly disagreeing.

Canada’s result showed a staggering 72 percent disagreed that the King could be a uniting force, while only 28 percent agreed.

Scotland’s result went down the same route, with 57 percent disagreeing and only 43 percent in favour.

Australia’s result was similar, with 58 percent disagreeing and less than half – 42 percent – agreeing.

Participants in all but four nations (The Bahamas, Canada, St Lucia and the Solomon Islands) showed that they were more likely to agree with the statement: “The monarchy means we have more stability in my country than we would have without it.”

People in St Lucia were most likely to disagree, with an astonishing 62 percent disagreeing. Just 38 percent agreed.

Canada’s result for this statement also ranked poorly, with a 60:40 split in favour of disagreeing, while The Solomon Islands came in at 58 percent disagreeing and 42 percent agreeing.

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The Bahamas came in fourth from bottom with 53 percent disagreeing and 47 percent agreeing.

The results make for worrying reading, and suggests that many within the Commonwealth are unsure if the monarchy continues to have a positive impact within their nations.

Separate polling from Lord Ashcroft also found that groups would prefer King Charles to abdicate – and make way for Prince William to become King.

One respondent, from New Zealand, said that the King has “done a lot wrong”, and that William – in his current role as the Prince of Wales – is doing “exceptionally well”.

Another respondent from Belize seemingly had the same thought, adding that William “thinks different” to his father, and is more “vibrant”.

They added that William – who is “younger” – would “do a better job” as King.

A recent Ipsos poll showed the King’s sinking popularity – with only one-fifth showing that Charles was the only royal they liked.

The Ipsos poll was conducted in April – the weeks leading up to the Coronation – and bore some bad news for the King.

However, it did show that 49 percent of respondents said that they think the King is doing a good job as monarch.

The results showed that the King’s popularity has remained consistent from the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – when he was still the Prince of Wales.

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