‘Posers and wannabes’ Meghan and Harry struggle to salvage reputation from British public

Meghan Markle and Harry 'seen as hypocrites' says expert

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Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti reflected on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s popularity in Britain and how it has changed. During an interview with, Mr Sacerdoti argued the pair are considered “posers, wannabes, and hypocrites” by some members of the British public. He highlighted how loved both working royals were not too long ago but suffered a severe drop in the popularity since announcing their departure from the Royal Family in March 2020.

Mr Sacerdoti also commented on what he believes the future could hold for Meghan and Harry regarding positively rebuilding their reputation.

Mr Sacerdoti said: “The majority of public opinion is squarely against them.

“People see them as hypocrites, as posers, as wannabes.

“That is so different from how they saw Meghan and Harry previously.

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“I mentioned Meghan but look at Harry, he used to be such a popular member of the Royal Family.

“His active service in the military, even his earlier days of partying and making what we might call mistakes were very generously received by most people.

“This was because he was seen as a fun character, as a personable character, he wasn’t perfect then either.

“There was the nazi uniform incident which was dreadful but aside from moments like that he was very popular.

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“I don’t think that they are as popular now.”

Mr Sacerdoti admitted he was unsure how Meghan and Harry could repair their relationship with the public at this stage.

He also considered whether the royal couple will focus on building their reputation back up positively or move on to other things.

He continued: “Many of the things Meghan and Harry have done feel very permanent.

“The rift they have created between them and the Royal Family, especially in that Oprah interview.

“Meghan and Harry have done very little since the Oprah interview publicly to try and repair their relationship.

“I suspect it has been a calculated decision and choice, they have not been back much, as far as we know and they haven’t had much contact with the family.

“That again shows, to some people, that their intention isn’t to heal rifts and build stronger relations with the family or the public.

“But we will have to wait and see, maybe they plan at some stage to return and rebuild some popularity.”

The latest popularity poll by YouGov highlighted Meghan and Harry’s fall in popularity.

YouGov confirmed the positive opinion of Prince Harry has seen a decrease of nine points, from 43 percent in April to 34 percent now.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex has also seen a further decline in her public rating, with positive opinion falling from 31 percent in March, to 29 percent in April and to 26 percent now.

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